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Drone Reconnaissance

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A3UAV - Aeyron Skyranger

Our Aeryon SkyRanger™ drones let first-responders assess accident sites from safe distances of up to 1000 feet.

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A3UAV - Radar Skyranger

The SR EO/IR Mk II™ camera system sends high-definition and infra-red video to stakeholders in real time.

A3UAV - 360 degree sight

Uncover hidden danger like stray embers and hotspots with 360° views of the site.

A3UAV - learn SkyRanger

Complete post-disaster evaluations with recorded UAV video.

A3UAV - Special Flight Operations Certificate

Get licensed by Transport Canada certified pilots.

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It’s easy

There are zero upfront capital costs to you. The program is covered under insurance.
Contact us to learn how payments are arranged with insurance companies.

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