Drone Reconnaissance

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Aeyron Skyranger

Our Aeryon SkyRanger™ drones let first-responders assess accident sites from safe distances of up to 1000 feet.

Radar Skyranger

The SR EO/IR Mk II™ camera system sends high-definition and infra-red video to stakeholders in real time.

360 degree sight

Uncover hidden danger like stray embers and hotspots with 360° views of the site.

learn SkyRanger

Complete post-disaster evaluations with recorded UAV video.

Special Flight Operations Certificate

Get licensed by Transport Canada certified pilots.


It’s easy

There are zero upfront capital costs to you. The program is covered under insurance.
Contact us to learn how payments are arranged with insurance companies.

about us

A3UAV is a Transport Canada certified company providing UAV services to municipalities. A3UAV works with the premier manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems, Aeryon Labs, to offer best-in-class equipment.

Roch Dallaire
Operations Manager